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Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

Professional drone services


Standard quality on all shoots


Turnaround time on projects


Ceiling altitude on normal packages.


FAA Certified Drone Pilots 
  • Get shots of your beauty from angles you've never seen before

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    2 hr

    Price Negotiable


Tell me about you and your vision


Pick the day you'd like to shoot


Today's the day your idea's brought to life!

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Parallel Lines

My name is Austin

I am the owner of  HoVER.  I'm a life long aviation enthusiast who has set forth to create a solution for various scopes of needs within the space of aerial photography and videography. I look forward to the opportunity to make your vision come to life!

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SOLAR Installs

Does your solar company need Site Surveys ASAP? We take all necessary photos inside, then one of our certified pilots gets you aerial photos to get every detail you could ever need.

Real estate

We offer professional quality virtual staging. No need to furnish your space, we use software to take care of that! Drone + Interior photography packages offered, all customizable.   


Get your wedding filmed the right way. Your memory might be good, but our cameras shoot in 4K! Schedule a consultation where we will discuss which package would best fit your needs.

car promo's

Customizable packages for professional vehicle content. We offer aerial follow shots, stills, and more! We will need to do some planning, schedule a free consultation today to get started on this project!

Have something else in mind?

HOVER specializes in unique shots, so nothing's off the table.  Lets connect and talk about what you're looking for! Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Tampa FL 33606

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We look forward to meeting you and learning about your vision!

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